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Sera Clothing was established by Ramazan Çeçen ve Yasin Çeçen brothers in 1996, in the district Bayrampaşa. Sera Clothing Industry and Foreign Trade Ltd. Com, staring to work with 10 staff, has had a respectable position in the textile sector with its structure that does not compromise the principled understanding of trade in Turkey, such a country experiencing economic crises and devaluations over and over.

Sera Clothing Industry and Foreign Trade Ltd. Com, showing a planned course of development since the beginning, has followed particularly machinery of production developing day by day, and technological innovations functioning business management in the textile. Sera Clothing, on the one hand developing and renewing production and distribution network in accordance with the means of the age, on the other hand has expanded its network of sales and marketing through effective efforts of its R & D department. In this respect, Sera Clothing Industry and Foreign Trade Ltd. Com, achieving a harmonious and balanced progress in accordance with market conditions, has became a brand that has made its name through its quality jobs in the international arena.

Sera Clothing, making its machinery in line with the age of automation technology, has continued to increase its production capacity day by day, depending on the growing demand. With the increase in the number of staff and machinery in this process, Sera Clothing has moved its office center and production department in Bayrampaşa to its new building within the boundaries of Gaziosmanpaşa Sultançiftliği. Sera Clothing, continuing to work in its new building with wider facilities in proportion to its former building, has signed sales agreements with Turkey's leading export companies by professionalizing its production in process of time.

Sera Clothing Industry and Foreign Trade Ltd. Com, not compromising the principled understanding of trade even at the times of the most severe economical problems that our country has experienced, today continues to operate in its factory in Gaziosmanpaşa Sultançiftliği with high-tech machines, 200 staff members, and a daily production capacity that reaches 2,500 pieces.

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